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集25年豐富的生產控制與質量管理經驗,盛雷城精密電阻有限公司 一直生產制造高穩定性的精密電阻器,高精密電阻器,高精密電阻網絡,高精密分壓電阻網絡,金屬釉膜電阻器,高壓電阻器,高頻無感電阻器,高精密 ,線繞電阻器等各種高端電阻器,并成功地將高精密電阻生產工藝引入普通金屬膜電阻生產過程控制,所以,盛雷城精密電阻有限公司生產制造的普通金屬膜電阻器和氧化膜電阻器都具有很高的穩定性與可靠性,遠高于同行同類產品的性能指標。


詳細信息 :

1.線繞式熔斷電阻器 線繞式熔斷電阻器屬于功率型涂覆型電阻器,其阻值較小,通常應用于工作電流較大的電路中。 在被保護電路出現過電流故障時,電阻器的合金線部分將會因過熱而燒斷,對電路進行保護。
2.膜式熔斷電阻器 膜式熔斷電阻器是目前使用較多的熔斷電阻器,它又分為碳膜熔斷電阻器、金屬膜熔斷電阻器和金屬氧化膜熔斷電阻器等多種。

RRX series fusible wire wound resistors are designed as fusible safety resistor (or, AC mains input resistors) in electric appliances and energy meters. The specially selected resistive winding wire and special non-flammable silicon cement coating material are adopted to ensure safe and silent fusing operation without flame and immediate interruption in overload conditions. Wide range of overload currents is available upon request.


The resistor fuses without explosion when AC mains voltage is applied. At the same time, it acts as an in-rush current limiting resistor for the normal operation.


The specially developed lacquer coating has superior thermal and electrical insulating properties. This allows designers to more easily meet the requirements of safety approval, whilst eliminating the need to put additional fuses in series with the input resistors.

Surge voltage capability: 2 kV (10? to 91?) and 4 kV (100 ?) as per IEC 61000-4-5.


One grey code behind tolerance code is for distinguishing from the other kind of resistors with the same fire retardant coating.


The resistors are compliance with RoHS and REACH.


The resistors are compliance with Thunder Enterprise standard:





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