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集25年豐富的生產控制與質量管理經驗,盛雷城精密電阻有限公司 一直生產制造高穩定性的精密電阻器,高精密電阻器,高精密電阻網絡,高精密分壓電阻網絡,金屬釉膜電阻器,高壓電阻器,高頻無感電阻器,高精密 ,線繞電阻器等各種高端電阻器,并成功地將高精密電阻生產工藝引入普通金屬膜電阻生產過程控制,所以,盛雷城精密電阻有限公司生產制造的普通金屬膜電阻器和氧化膜電阻器都具有很高的穩定性與可靠性,遠高于同行同類產品的性能指標。

The thermal damage is the result of the excessive heat generated during the EOS event.

EOS Damage
The thermal damage is the result of the excessive heat generated during the EOS event.

The heat is a result of resistive heating in the connections within the device. The high currents experienced during the EOS event can generate very localized high temperatures even in the normally low resistance paths. The high  temperature causes destructive damage to the materials used in the device’s construction. 

The destructive damage was found at the metal oxide film resistors where affected resistors turned out of tolerance in a short periods, sometimes few days late, the resistors recovered after the tension of the stress released. The recovery of the resistors could be accelerated by kneading the resistor body of leads, or by short time overload to trig the tension off. 

Thunder Precision Resistor Co., Ltd. makes a lot of high power metal oxide film resistors with huge over loading capability that the resistors could stand 9 times rated power for more than 60 seconds without burn out even the body were heated to bright red! 

EOS makes these resistors out of tolerance even them can stand 9 times rated power! 




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